Wednesday, December 21st, 2016. 3:45 AM. Ten below outside. Four days before Christmas. The vibration of a cell phone breaks the monotony of an otherwise good night of sleep. The Linn County Attorney answers the call.


“Yeah, uh Jerry…we have another…another incident. Officer being dragged by a fleeing suspect.”

“Dear God what now? How many shots fired? How bad is it?”

“No shots. No shots fired. He got away for a minute, but backup caught him just down the street.”

“Deescalation of force?”

“Yes, the officer deescalated the situation. Every one is fine. Suspect in custody.”

“You boys did well. No more of these cases on my desk.”

Ian Compton of the CRPD pulled over Phillip Rogers for an unknown traffic violation at 3:01 AM this morning on 33rd Avenue SW. Rogers was found to have been driving on a suspended license.

Rogers refused to exit his vehicle and drove away as Compton attempted to remove him from the car. The Gazette reports that Officer Compton was dragged by the vehicle as Rogers fled, but no one would blame you for doubting the official version of things anymore.

Not around here.

The good news.

The suspected driving violator was able to escape without injury from a situation reminiscent of one that left a man shot last month.

Rogers was taken into custody and charged with assault on a peace officer and interference with official acts causing bodily injury.

He is lucky.

Running from men who have the license to kill you and know they’ll get away with it is risky business.

The suspect is registered as a sex offender as the result of a conviction 19 years ago in Illinois.


  1. A registered sex offender from Illinois who runs form the police. Sounds like the Defenders “man of the year” award is in the bag !