There was an air of violence at the St. Jude Sweet Corn Festival Saturday night in Cedar Rapids. Just after 10 pm witnesses report that tension between rival gangs, composed of teenagers, had increased to a point that a fight was inevitable.

What happened next was described as a nightmare and pure chaos by those at the scene. The event attracted mass hordes of teenagers, some claiming to be from Black Lives Matter, loitering about, bickering with rival gangs and threatening violence.

“There was a group of girls loudly boasting their tougher friends were on their way. We didn’t want to get hurt,” a witness told the Defender.

Rumors of a gun being flashed just before the riot are unconfirmed at the time of this writing.

“There was a kid running around saying there was a gun, but I never actually saw or heard one. I’m glad they shut in down because it was going to get much worse,” the witness said.

With this being the third year in a row the Sweet Corn Festival has been disrupted by violence, the CRPD remains on high alert. There were officers on the scene prior to the riot along with private security guards dressed in red. Witnesses say they both were hovering around the beer tent much of the evening.

A police officer attempting to detain a teenage youth, was subsequently ambushed by dozens of kids, who kicked and stomped, beating him on the ground. The officer who was assaulted, luckily, suffered only minor injuries. Police announced they had detained six juveniles on charges of disorderly conduct and assault on a peace officer.

About 150 teenagers were seen running towards the fighting as the police fought back against the mob. The teens had been a disturbance all night as there are reports of racial motivated assaults and items being thrown at police. The words “Black Lives Matter” came across the CR police scanner according to our overnight crime reporter.

One innocent victim was elbowed, stepped on and kicked during the stampede.

The gang violence at the Sweet Corn Festival mirrors what we saw happen at Hog Wild Days, before escalating violence got the event shut down permanently. The incident highlights a growing perception that “youths from Chicago” can be blamed for problems in this city. As Chicago imports ourselves, the Defender must point out that this exact same talking point “People from Chicago are to blame” was common back in 1994, the first year we landed in CR.

Not all people from Chicago are bad. Not all people from CR are good. We must work together to stop the spread of violence at our once peaceful events. Perhaps beefed up security, an age limit and metal detectors would present an alternative solution.

What we’re doing now isn’t working.

St. Jude posted this message to those longing for the good ol’ days…when the festival was safe:

“I want everyone to know that the festival will be open tomorrow from 12-7. The incidents that happened tonight to cause us to shut down the festival was basicly a lot of teenagers on our midway who do not know how to behave themselves. It was in the best interest of the festival and everyone in attendance to close early. We are so sorry if this ruined your night. We are very thankful to all law enforcement for taking swift action. We hope you will join us tomorrow to celebrate the rest of our sweet corn festival. Signing off for now–good night.”


  1. So now what? Probably not a dam thing . Society is getting tired of the stupid crap.At least they finally admit there is a gang problem. Now do something about it.

    • i came from chicago in 2004 cedar rapids seemed boring to me, but i have grown to love the peace and quiet, now its almost like i never left chicago.but everybody that comes here is not a bad person.its the young people seeking to make the big money selling crack. what they spend on it here is far more than they pay in chicago. i will never go back to live in chicago.i like the friendliness of the people. this was and can still be a great place to live and raise a family.

    • To me it sounded more like a problem of kids not behaving well in public. If this had truly been gang related, I’m pretty sure the possible gun would more likely have been a definite murder.
      Furthermore, ppl could say that it’s the parents fault for the way these teenagers acted. To that I would say ‘parents’? Or parent? As I bet too many of these kids have a mother or father doing god knows how many years in prison on some trumped up drug charges… the prison system is what really needs fixed. Non violent offenders doing 15+ years because they needed to put food on the table. Fix the prison system. Fix the prejudice associated with having done time. Fix the racism in this country, fix the justice system, fix the police shootings of ppl sitting in damn cars or walking away with hands up in the air! Seriously! Is it any wonder these “kids” are acting out now after watching the last two or three years of bullshit this country has been put through? And I’m not saying any type of stop protesting… noooo…. I’m saying we need to find a way to come together!! Violence, black on black, white in white, blue on black, or white…. all the violence NEEDS TO STOP!!

      sorry Richard, got a little carried away…

  2. Maybe we need to start screening these people that are coming from Chicago. By doing background checks and excetera. I have work with some people from Chicago they leave Chicago to come to Iowa because they can get state benefits right away. Benefits like food stamps insurance Section 8 housing. It should be harder for out-of-state people to get these benefits. Residents of the state need to show a grocery list of requirements out of state residents coming to Iowa to live don’t seem to have the same standards to live up to. Let’s keep the riffraff out of town

    • I’m really confused how they even get benefits so quickly. I’ve paid in my taxes since I was 18, I am desperate for some help right now and have been wait listed on housing and some resources for over a year with 2 very little children. I have lived here my whole life. Why can they just come here, and take from those who actually live here.

      • They are able to get section 8 housing right away because you can apply for it anywhere in the US and then when you are aooroved you can take that section 8 approval with you, example I want to live in Rochester NH I can applt in Cedar Rapids when my name comes up on the list I take my approval to Rochester N H and bam, I can immediately get a place there even though there are people living there that have been waiting for a year or more and can’t get the housing yet.

    • There citizens of the US just like u, so that then gives them the right to travel and live any where in the us whether or not u white people like it. Please stop being ignoramt.

      • You have no idea how to spell or use basic grammar and you are calling people ignorant? Lmfao – Don’t be a fool, stay in school (if you haven’t been kicked out already) and maybe try and learn a little something other than how to catch a Pokemon.

        • You’re racist. Bustin’ on your shit? Stop acting a fool. Grow up. Stop being immature. Stop being ignorant. Get a job, support your family, mow your lawn, be civilized to people, open doors for others, thank people, pull up your pants, stop carrying around illegal firearms, stop doing/selling drugs, and then white people won’t have anything to bust on ya. This is just common sense. Perhaps you could use some.

      • You want to talk about ignorance? Ignorance is condoning violence and trouble makers like these people. You must be ignorant for blaming everything on white people, because it wasn’t white people starting fights at the corn festival.

    • It all started when we allow greyhound buses take people from Chicago to here for only one dollar. Makes me wonder what the city board was thinking.

    • Clay, I’m afraid that you don’t know what you’re talking about… Section 8 housing has a minimum 2 year waiting list. Food stamps are available within a month. The people who have moved here from Chicago account for less than 1% of the Cedar Rapids population. What have you done to help new families integrate into Cedar Rapids? How many people have you helped out by giving them a ride to the store or anything to help them understand that the behaviors they learned in Chicago aren’t necessary to survive in Cedar Rapids? How about you actually quit blathering about what you think you know and actually help?

      • I work with pepper from Chicago all the time and nit all people are bad from there and I agree not all people are good fron here. A lot of people that moved her to get away from life in chic ago yet admit that they also know the bad people they moved away from move here because they all do get benefits easily here compared to anywhere else. This is from people that get it right away from Chicago I help on a every other week basis.

    • Please tell me you’re joking. You want to screen people coming in from Chicago?! Do you have a clue how crazy (and unconstitutional) that would be? HOW would you screen them? What criteria would you use to allow Americans from a neighboring state to enter Cedar Rapids?! Are you, by chance, a Trump supporter?! My stepmom and my late father lived in Davenport. Until the time of his death my father was a member of the Davenport School Board. I guarantee you Davenport has higher crime but my father never called for people to be screened, because this is America. He formed committees and i!plemented policies to help with youth violence and youth homelessness. His mediation process involving high school students who were fighting, and their families, helped curb violence and very likely saved lives. We have problems in C.R. Agreed. Instead of simply passing judgement and blame, get together and work the problem. Give Davenport Schools a call and learn about the strategies they are using and then consider implementing them in Cedar Rapids.

  3. i dont understand why the government doesnt shut this “black lives matter” organization down, it seems its nothing but a hate group wrecking havoc and trouble/violence everywhere, i mean the police/military are in control wright? Then why isnt nothing being done?

    • So will they shut down the kkk or other extreme supremacist groups? No. So with that being said, just because some says the words black lives matter does not actually mean that they actually are a part of that.

    • WOW that’s very ignorant. Plus They can’t really do some thing like that in this day and age, because of the internet. It’s no longer as easy as killing the leader of a black organization any more.

  4. It is sad to see these things happen in our State, let alone, smaller cities with great community events, such as this. To allow some kids to blurt out, what has become a PHRASE (Black Lives Matter) and attribute that to the actual group and call it a gang, is even more sad. That is just wrong for any profession journalist to write and make public. Black Lives Matter, as a group, is an organization, not a GANG. Also. Just because these people care coming from Chicago, doesnt mean that we have a “Chicago” problem. We have a parenting problem, a mental health problem and a substance abuse problem.

    We have gang problems, because we dont have the eyes and ears of these so called gangs or street organizations leadership. The same problems you are having in Cedar Rapids, we are having all over Iowa and even in the suburb areas and among young white teens.

    I use to visit Cedar Rapids often, as a kid, because i have family there. There was gangs and violence in those days. We are talking over 20 years ago. So this is nothing new. The fact, is that the community needs to come together as a whole, not just exclude the black families and people as if it is their problem. This is a City and community issue and the city and community needs to be together in dealing with these issues of Parenting, substance abuse and mental health. That, as well as jobs and other economic issues that effect certain classes or areas in the city.

    We see your problem, as we see issues at our State Fair in Des Moines. We see your problem, as we face major issues in Ames and other areas surrounding us. Leaders from major street organizations (Growth and Development, Vice Lords, Bloods, Crips, Black P Stone Nation, Black Disciples), hear the problem and concerns here in Iowa and they are ready and willing to step in and help.

    Des Moines, Iowa will be hosting a Statewide community forum, in October. This will include law enforcement, churches, community organizations, education officials, and leaders from the above named street organizations. We will be sending out a formal invite to Cedar Rapids officials in the near future.

    • Thank you, once again the media doing extra bs to make things seem as what they are not. BLACK LIVES MATTER is NOT a gang!!!! yes people are being ignorant as they always do. Once again I suggest starting to arrest the parents as well start making them accountable for not doing their jobs and being attentive and properly raising their children. Start making these teenagers fully accountable for their actions instead of a slap on the wrist to go and do it again!

      • Unfortunately I know parents that have called in on their own kids from age 9- 24 with the police to let them know and the police have done nothing to help. One of the “kids” was even a victim and the parents called them to let them know their child was causing trouble and they still didn’t even tell them what happened right after they had been shot.

        • So these parents think it’s the police department’s job to raise their kids? What should they do with a 9 year old. any wonder their family is so screwed up.

          • It’s called discipline. You have options. There’s a belt, theres the board of education (a big wooden paddle with holes in it that says Education on it), There’s your hand across their butt, theres grounding, you can take away their “toys”, you can make them do extra chores. Or all of the above.

      • The government and the department of. DHS took over the responsibility of parenting because of all the child abuse in the 90s so the parent goes to jail when they spank there child as discipline. So there’s your answer so hold yourself accountable for those kids. I don’t raise mine that way but that’s what happened and lack of respect by everyone this is a me society now and I for one have no clue how to change it and it started with the well off or wealthy wanting everything so now everyone fights for what want. You see it and hear about it every black Friday. So kid getting hit because he/ she was holding an item for mom and dad and some other adult wants it and takes it..

      • A group of people that get together to cause trouble, is called a gang. These blacks that yell out, black lives matter, and go around rioting and destroying things, sure sounds like a gang to me.

  5. I believe that kids under 18 cannot attend without adult supervision. I’m sick of hearing black lives matter all lives matter it’s just ignorance on all races part wanna show their pure ignorance. Then claim they are being targeted unfairly

    • Funny but I wasn’t eligible for a single benefit based on my race. Nothing more than a feeble excuse for decades of failures. Billions have been poured into cities and it’s all gone to waste. Zuckerbung gave 100 million to Newark and the unions and school administration grabbed it all. That city pays an average of over two thousand per student to educate them and the graduation rate is about fifty percent. The test scores of mandated testing have a 25 percent pass rate.

      Who is at fault? The other towns or the failures of their parents to instill the slightest bit of initiative in their kids.

      Get a hint. No one is buying that tired excuse any longer. Get off your ass and start making a life on your own .

    • Race bait much? Tell me why then. In Chicago there has been so much black on black murder? There are more blacks shot by blacks in Chicago alone. Then whites or cops shooting black people.

      Year to Date
      Shot & Killed: 407
      Shot & Wounded: 2238
      Total Shot: 2645
      Total Homicides: 448

    • No, black lives matter was started because blacks weren’t getting enough attention. They think they need to be the center of attention and want to cause trouble, including riots, blocking traffic on the interstate, and burning American Flags, which is not very American to me. If you don’t like America, you are free to go to another country. All lives matter, not just any one race, religion, gender, or occupation. Trying to claim black lives matter, is trying to push blacks as being superior to other people. Newsflash, you’re not. We had all white schools. That was considered racist, so we introduced other races into them. Blacks have all black schools, but apparently this isn’t called racist? Blacks have an all black tv network. If whites had an all white network, that’d be racist. Blacks have a full history month dedicated to them. Where’s the Asian? The Indian? The Irish? The German? The English? The Middle Eastern? The Eskimo? The Brazillian history months? I sure don’t see them. Why? Because blacks think they are the only ones that need a dedicated history month. Blacks get benefits for college just for being black. Whites don’t get that opportunity. And if so, show me where it is. And don’t even try to say whites have history month for the rest of the year, because that’s not true either, and you know it. You say everybody else is ignorant when you are the one that is ignorant. You want people to stop blaming blacks for stuff? Then stop committing crimes and causing trouble. You complain about your ancestors who were slaves for 150 years. Guess what, they aren’t slaves any more! The Irish were slaves for 650 years! Do you hear us bitching and moaning about stupid crap like this saying we are oppressed? NO!! Because we aren’t pussies! Grow the fuck up.

    • It is sad that they allowed Hog Wild Days to shut down because of this same behavior. It could all be stopped by having parents with anyone under 18. It is a family event and shouldn’t be ruined by the few that choose violence over having a good time.

    • Not really it would only lose them money, teenagers between the ages 12-18 are probably their main audience. A good way to solve this issue would be to beef up security. Simple

    • Just came back from a trip to Chicago. Right when you enter Navy Pier there are signs stating “No Minors without adult guardian”. I didn’t personally see any problems anywhere. It was during the day, and I saw a couple of cops, but no problems. We are in different times….much different. Sad to see the likelihood of metal detectors, cops and enforced rules at events in our bigger cities across Iowa moving forward. This unfortunately will not get better

  6. “Black Lives Matter” had nothing to do with this altercation that occured. The writer of this blog should be ashamed of this profiling.

    • Read again. The writer is stating what was taking place at the festival. People were claiming to be from the group. So, yes, it is a part of the problem when this term is being used out of context by youth as an excuse to act like hoodlums. A policeman was attacked and luckily not severely injured. This article laid no blame to any group whatsoever. There is no profiling. Stop defending the hatred. Embrace the peace and the fact that All Lives Matter!

    • Agreed. Black lives matter is not a gang. This journalist should be fired. At the same time saying black Lives matter is not saying that only black Lives matter it is a movement a organization developed in direct response to the unjustly way black Lives are targeted as not having value in this country. Cedar Rapids has a racism problem. Not a Chicago problem. I have lived in Iowa all my life and while visiing Cedar Rapids I have encountered more ignorant openly racist whites than I have and other city. Hatred spewing out of their mouths and actions at us in public family places. I was just visiting, I can only imagine what others go through living there. Feeling devalued, unwanted, and the escape goat for community problems caused by poverty, inadequate Healthcare, education, housing equal job opportunity. If the words black Lives matter where said it was in defense I am sure of being treated as if they don’t have a right to be at the sweet corn festival at all based on not there actions but the color of their skin and the racial profiling that occurs when young black teenagers conjugate together. It evokes fear, and hatred from white on lookers who would prefer these teenagers to stay out of sight.. or wish they didn’t exist at all. So if they scream black Lives matter and then act out they are attempting in their own way to fight back against an injustice they are living every day that white people don’t understand. So the white way is just to deny the problems existence after all it does effect them until a sweet corn festival is shut down..the reaction hate what you don’t understand. Namely in this case young black American youth and how it must feel to be the eye sore of your community festival and events…there is more shame to go around then just to the journalist who wrote this article. You all share in it Cedar Rapids community. Iowa and the United States as a whole does. Stop the hate and show all lives matter by not having a problem standing up for black Lives matter.

      • Inadequate education? Washington And Kennedy high schools are the number 1 and 2 high schools in the state and are ranked nationally. Stop spewing your racist hatred and stop blaming everyone else for the problems blacks create. They’re ones causing the trouble, breaking the law and not respecting anyone. Fuck black lives matter and fuck black people for always playing the race card and blaming everyone else for all the problems they create in their lives and everyone’s else’s!!! Go the fuck back to Chicago you thug losers at life!!!

        • I agree to some point on your views. I truly believe that there should not be an organization called…BLM. I say that because, ALL lives matter! So why not just have one group or organization called just that…ALM…All Lives Matter? When we allow for groups like BLM to be formed, we are allowing for racism and then comes the fights and children/teens thinking this is going to solve the real issues of todays diversity. There are more than one issue going on across America. Gangs for one whether from Chicago or Cedar Rapids or wherever, need to be broke down and eliminated. Drugs are a huge problem that continutes to grow everywhere. State, local, and Federal governments need to step up their game and get a plan that works! Groups like BLM need to change the moto to ALM. All familes need to intereact civil together, parents especially need to grow up and teach children respect for one another no matter the color of your skin. God bless everyone!

          • Al llives matter is considred to be racist . Read about what happened when someone crossed out black lives matter and wrote all lives mater on the “free speech board” at Facebook HQ. Zuckerberg went on a rampage trying to get whoever did it fired. Fuck Black Lives Matter.

      • that tension between rival gangs, composed of teenagers, had increased to a point that a fight was inevitable….That’s not a racial problem. It’s a gang problem. They were fighting each other and based on what? territory. Stop trying to whitewash the real issues here.

        Acting like animals makes their point?

  7. All I can say is Kudo’s to those making the decision to close down and a big Thank You to the law enforcement. It is just too bad some teenager’s feel they have to cause so much trouble to get attention that must have been lacking at home..

  8. Look at all the huud and section 8 and other “income restriction” housing that has sprung up in the area near st Jude’s. I was there and you know what I saw? A bunch of black kids, most of them are second or first generation Chiraqis, causing a disturbance. Yet again. Nobody wants to seem racist but seriously, let’s get fucking real here and just admit the problem. Chicago trash spreading out throughout eastern Iowa as huud and section eight benefits here haven’t been bled bone dry. It’s like the gold rush of 1849 except with welfare.


      • Really hate is not needed. I am white and I see a ton of white people who also play the system and say things to get benefits. It is not a color thing. It is a people thing that have lack of respect and ethics. Obviously your education is poorly absorbed or you would not feel the need to swear or call eachother names. Instead we would all just hope for that the world would be a better place and invite people to learn from each other

      • Tasha that comment you left tells me everything I need to know about you, an uneducated self absorbed leech living off of the rest of us that break out backs every day to try an male a living in the country. I moved to Iowa 12 years ago an can honestly see the change, Chicago immigrants( whether white or black) have brought the hood mentality to cedar rapids an other surrounding areas. I moved here from Denver, CO so gang violence is nothing new to me. These gangbangers have zero respect for anything an anybody. An as far as you comment about more whites are gangbangers, are you living under a rock or what? Black on black violence is at an all time high, more black youth are turning to gangs then ever before. Black gang members out number white gang members 3 to 1 so do some research on statistics before you say something irrelevant an stupid. Oh and before you think to assume I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth know that I have done nothing but back breaking construction an crap laborer jobs my entire life.


        A concerned Black man

        • So you are afraid that the violent gangs won’t be able to operate and commit these violent act with impunity if he’s elected? Too bad.

          The thug mentality has run it’s course. Stopping criminal actions isn’t racist idiot.

      • Hey Tasha, you can point out one incident, the fact if the matter is, 80% of violent crime here comes from blacks from Chicago. I take it you’re a mother of one of those little shit stains. Teach them some fucking manors and keep em off the street.

      • Blacks are 12% of the population. If you did the math correctly. The percentage of blacks on welfare is higher.

        What 11 year old in Cedar Rapids?

      • You are right but It is actually almost a tie ,38%blacks-39% whites, only problem is blacks only make up 15% of the population and whites make up70%

      • Tasha – You sound as if you praise and hold sacred everything that white people do and hold it as your standard of acceptance. Who gives a **** what white people do when it comes the standards we hold as black folk? Speak for yourself with your ignorance and loudmouth! I know ratchet & ghetto when I see it. If we did more than simply ignore it, act like its not what it is, and/or deflect it to others behavior like we try to do every time someone legitimately calls us on something, we might not be in this situation. I’m starting to understand what Hilary meant when she referred to young blacks as super-predators… Something tells me Tasha is one of these Chiraqi imports towing the party line to continue bullshit, otherwise she’d condemn this kind of behavior flat out. Embarrassing.

      • Another typical response from yet another clueless twit. Yes, the numbers are higher. then factor in the numbers of each group and get back to me.

        Better yet, here’s the figures.

        According to 2013 data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the program, 40.2 percent of SNAP recipients are white, 25.7 percent are black, 10.3 percent are Hispanic, 2.1 percent are Asian and 1.2 percent are Native American.
        Feb 28, 2015

        40 percent are white yet they represent about 68 percent of the population. Almost 26 percent of a population segment that represent only 13 percent. So what group is higher?

        On another note, I guess the claim of white privilege is yet another fallacy made up by the never ending excuse generation.

      • BTW, no there aren’t. There is a much greater percentage of blacks on welfare than whites. If you’d do your research, you would find out the truth. But I’m sure the truth hurts.

    • It is not all black people. We all have hearts and emotions. Lots of white people cause issues also. I noticed people of all races at the festival. If everyone just learned how to be honest and love and care for eachother it would be a better world

  9. I think the saddest part is we have a bigger problem going on in this GREAT COUNTRY and we should unite as one instead of being divided!! But it seems people would rather act like fools than see the bigger picture so we are stuck with this BS and the true enemy is coming over here by the hundreds!!! And I don’t mean from Mexico.

    And I also have to say regarding Chicago, Whom-ever on the city council thought it was a good idea to partner up with Chicago needs to go stay in my girlfriends neighborhood for a week and deal with the reality of guns & violence instead of hiding behind their gated communities!!!! Or they need to attend functions like the Sweet Corn Festival and stand next to their “good idea”. How you like them now? We have to deal with it!! We DON”T LIKE IT!!! And WE DON”T APPRECIATE IT!!!!

    You, city council people, should be ashamed!!! What ever you get out of it, I hope it is worth it for you! I assure you it is not worth it for the rest of us and what we have to deal with on a daily basis!!!!! OUR LIVES ARE IN DANGER EVERY DAY in this town!! I was raised in this town and I have always called this home. But now I live between the Chicago ghetto and who knows what from where on the other side. Good job, you have been successful in bringing some seriously bad juju to Cedar Rapids and now we can’t even enjoy something this town has enjoyed for years!! What’s next??! One thing I am sure about, is you people will sleep safely tonight while the rest of us aren’t getting much sleep at all!!

    • This is very I correct I’m a black youth and I Am NOT a “gangbanger” I know more black none gangbangers than I do actual. And I know more WHITE “gangbangers” than I do not. So It Is NOT a fact. This is ignorance. Maybe you shouldn’t come out of your house with that mind set.

    • Lol I moved to Iowa back in 1985, I have never been in a gang in my entire life unless you count the United States military… I’ve always worked extremely hard for what I have. Including my own home… I have seen more white wannabe gangbangers in Iowa than black. So you can keep that racist statement to yourself

  10. stuff like this is why more and more people are caring guns they don’t want this kind of shit around there family and if we don’t do something fast we are going to have an all out right war in the middle of are streets

  11. This makes me sad! It’s not about being black Joe! I have biracial children and you scare me for saying that. It starts in your home. I get there are bad influences out there but we teach our kids to make good choices. Our we ever going to get through racism??

  12. Even if kids under 18 are supposed to be w a parent-which I have NEVER observed-they split up as soon as they walk in! 18-25 yr olds are just as stupid and violent, so teens are not the specific problem. Have the videos hit YouTube yet? Seriously, 150 kids running TOWARDS the fighting? WHERE is that mentality coming from? (Chi town) I was raised to go the other way when BS was starting. WHO is teaching their kids it’s OK to assault LEO? (Chi town parents) WHY only 6 arrests? I wish there was a residency requirement to receive housing here, but there isn’t, bc it’s a federal program. Instead of flooding Eastern Iowa bc your ghetto’s are war zones, stay home and clean it up!

  13. KWWL said the festival closed down due to “reckless children”. Unbelievable. anyone see what went on in Milwaukee last night? Things are going to get worse. The parents, or parent, of these teens should be held responsible for their actions. St Jude’s and these vendor’s lost a lot of money because of irresponsible, ghetto acting teens. This is NOT a ghetto. And I will be damned if I am going to see my city go the way of so many others.

  14. You racist white folks live in a bubble and are very aware of the atrocities against black people period but want acknowledge it because you’ll reap from the benefits regardless of doing nothing acting like your all innocent living off you white privilege that bubble is about to burst real soon

    • Oh get over yourself! Hell black folks are just as racist as whites, if not more! Hell I know blacks that hate the term “African American” and get all bent if they get confused with any of these Africans coming here. I know for a fact that leased housing used to be easier for local people. It used to be that you had to live in that state…some years ago they opened it up nationally and here come the Chicago poor! Who can blame them. This started happening in mid 90’s. Hell I even had one black friend tell me she saw a sign in Chicago saying move to Cedar Rapids for a better life. The problem with ghetto minded, drug selling thugs in Cedar Rapids is real. The problem with white trash meth smoking people is real. And while we’re at it….have you all noticed how’s convince stores carry liquor? Didn’t used to. I mean the hard stuff…OK…I’m rambling…but instead of admiting we have a problem this city just fluffs the news and goes on with stupid shit.

    • So feel free to get the fuck out of here then. No white in power in any nation in Africa so that seems like a great place to start tbh, and white people never complain about their lack of representation there.

    • Really? Where? The criminals who get stopped during the commission of a crime is a atrocity?

      If they actually focused on the true problems and didn’t consider every contact racist, more might actually believe your rants.

    • Oh so we are supposed to just give you all our money? Maybe you would be better off if black muslims in Africa didn’t sell black people as slaves.

    • Hey I’m white. But I will tell you this:
      #1) My family immigrated to Iowa in the mid 1800’s. They arrived to the United States in New York and had just enough money to buy an ox and a very small wagon. Since they couldn’t all fit in the wagon they took turns who rode in the Wagon and who had to walk. From New York to Iowa. There was no government provided care or assistance. If you got sick or hurt, you either pulled through or died. They had nothing, and made their first house out of mud. No one helped them. But they were proud to be here. There has been some tough times I have had. But I got through it myself by hard work and not blaming anyone.
      #2) Did you know that the state of Iowa during the Civil War sent more troops per capita….more than any other state…to support the Union side?
      #3) None of my family has never had any slaves. I “owe” nothing to anyone. Period.
      #4) I have zero “guilt” of my heritage. If you have a problem of who you are and expect me to “pay” you anything, then we have a problem. I have done every job and have always paid my bills and taken responsibility of myself. Have you?
      #5) Fact. There are sh*tty people everywhere. Ass holes in each and every race. Period.
      #6) Like I said before, I’m white. But if I see a dirt ball piece of sh*t white person do a crime, fight with the police and end up getting themselves shot and killed by the cops I’m actually happy. Because they DESERVED it! They CHOOSE to break the law. One less piece of crap wasting my tax dollars in prison. I don’t uphold the white thug dirtbag, riot, block roads and destroy personal property, saying the dirt bag was a “hero” or “martyr”….because I’m the same race as the dirt ball….that makes zero sense. I don’t praise trash dumbasses that choose to do crime & get put down by peace officers from their actions. The thug is not a hero. Worm food at best.

      Lastly and most important….

      You are either a good person, or an asshole. You are either a giver or a taker. You either choose to work, support yourself, take ownership of your actions, raise your children right, contribute to society respect others, and are proud to be here……OR YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

  15. This so just sad to hear this. People go to these functions to have fun with their families.All these kids should be charged with terrorism cause they put peoples safety in jeopardy.Which under the law is considered terrorism. If the cops and law makers did their jobs any one that committed a crime that interferes with the safety and well being of others is considered terrorism. All lives matter end of life is better than another.

  16. One common theme… teenagers // where was Mom & Pop? So from now own, an adult must be with their “child” for them to go to the festival, if there is no adult present guess who gets to go home. Just make it a rule…and truly all lives matter, even the officer that was beaten and pummeled onto the ground. Listen up humans, if you can (even when you don’t want to) treat others with dignity, wait your turn, be polite, respect others belongings, be empathetic with others feelings and a role model to those younger than you – well more times than not, you will have a decent evening.

  17. There were no gangs it was a bunch of preteens beating the crap out of the cops, which the CRPD deserve to bad they didn’t get it worse

    • That was such a crappy thing to say. My father is retired CRPD. He has spent countless years helping the community. I get so sick of people bashing cops. Grow up.

    • Lets hope you never need the cops help, least they let you get the fucking shit beat out of you while they take their time getting there.

    • Interesting, I saw none of that happen and it happened in my front yard. I saw foul mouthed teenagers yelling profanities at people because the police were trying to get them to disperse from people’s lawns. It’s amazing that as soon as the K9’s were brought out the teens scattered.

      • The kids scattered when the K-9s came out because the dogs have no regard for anyone’s race, their rights nor do these dogs posses a sense of right or wrong.They’re going to attack anyone who comes within reach.

    • Julie, that is the most ignorant statement I have ever heard, open your eyes to what’s really going on in Cedar Rapids. If You can’t see the problem then you are probably part of the problem. These kids are ruining their own lives and the lives of others, this town and our events used to be a safe place for everyone to enjoy and run around with our friends. These kids have probably never been held accountable for their actions at home but I hope they take the 6 and throw the book at them, maybe if we start making examples out of the kids they will be deterred from acting like hooligans. And for anyone saying we don’t have a gang problem here, you are wrong there are several now among the youth coming in from Chicago and recruiting other youngins. This isn’t going to stop until the kids and their parents start getting held responsible for their actions instead of blaming it on white privilege.

    • One day you will need one, then what? Why would you say that? Why would you bring bad karma to yourself? (shaking my head)

      Do you realize while everyone is flapping their lips about racist this and that, the REAL ENEMY is sneaking right up behind us and are going to do their best to crush this nation. They are laughing at us right now at how ignorant we are!!

      THEN you will be GRATEFUL we have police and military to step up on our behalf!! ON YOUR BEHALF!! Your Families Behalf!! Because THIS ENEMY we are IGNORING, is out to take every – single – one – of our pretty little heads!!


  18. Tasha must have issues.We do have a problem how many of you know in Chicago there is a big billboard sign that says. For a better life to iowa because chicago wants to get rid of their riff raff so the city allows this trash to move here and fuck our town up its always going to be about race because the blacks keep the shit going bottom line well i would love to start a group ..white lives matter also

  19. As I stand back and view this national problem that has erupted, it appears to me that it is the black population that is more racist. There seems to be more visceral feelings toward white skinned people than the other way around. Are we now reduced to the same mentality as fire ants, killer bees? I don’t mean to insult the ants or bees, but life would seem better without them. If only they could behave themselves, but our wish will never be fulfilled. So continue on with nastiness, for all it takes is for the good people, black, white, brown or green to do nothing.

  20. This story is sensationalized. There were no gangs involved. Pre-teens and teens. Unsupervised and disorderly. The world your clearly stated prejudices didnt happen and dont exist in cr…. or iowa for that matter. This story did warrant a response to those statements in everyone’s opinion. Clearly there is a serious problem within the mindset of racist people. Guess what though. If you reading this.. we’re all debt slaves. Crown owned. Blame that.

  21. “Stuff the Gazette Can’t Say”?!?!?!?!

    Good thing this isn’t some sort of media manipulation like mainstream media does to us. SMH

  22. CEDAR RAPIDS You reap what you sew. The times are catching up with you. Allowing youth to run rampant from dawn till dawn breeds trouble. Your pathetic efforts by the city council and the people only make the news when trouble strikes. The efforts by the community seem to always fall under the same criteria. Wanting to be in the spotlight when teens make trouble in the low income areas. Pretending to want to come up with a plan and programs to keep youth out of trouble. Then the next thing you know, yep, it becomes history and gets shoved under the rug until next time. As far as Black lives matter, this is a racist group of anti white and anti police hate group. There is absolutely no place in our society for such a group and should be dealt with severe penalties. What are these young children’s parents doing? The parents and the child should be held accountable for these actions. A police officer was kicked a stomped for crying out loud while making attempts to quell a disturbance. Cedar Rapids Police Chief needs to immediately rise up and get your staff onto the streets being active where ever these so called thugs are thriving with activities. Iowa city police added an annex on the eastern side of the city making a positive impact against crime. If it takes over time to keep the city and all its people safe then do it.

  23. Until such a time that blacks stand up against the uncivilized behavior among their own, they will continue to flounder in a victimization mindset and feel they are entitled to be belligerent.

    Others with different skin colors (whose lives also matter) will eventually grow tired of this bad behavior and begin to deal ruthlessly with anyone acting out in these foolish riots. I’m making a prediction…this can’t go on much longer without violence erupting.

  24. Born in CR, went to jhs/hs in the Chicagoland area… and I must say that I’ve met saints and salesmen from both areas. Anyone who says that “people from xxx are stirring up trouble” are the ones actually stirring up trouble.

    This is going to be hard to hear (and just as hard to write): I understand that Iowans may not understand what is going on nationally, you live in a kind of bubble (as was mentioned by another poster). It’s a very nice one and for the most part, many, but not all of you, have nice things. “Black Lives Matter” is a very important movement, and you need to accept it, plain and simple. There are no ands, ifs or buts about it. Don’t say “All Lives Matter”, period. It makes you sound racist. (Unless you do mean to, and then by all means say it, so we know who you racists are.)

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I love you very much. I have taken my family back there many times since I moved away (I have lived in LA and Tokyo, and currently several hours north of Tokyo). We have enjoyed ourselves immensely when we visit, but I ask you not to stay ignorant of the true “Black Lives Matter” movement (which may or may not be truly represented by youths in the area). You are good people, and have already embraced gay marriage (I was very proud of you that day and remain so) so take a deep breath, open your hearts and minds, and know that you are not wrong to embrace “BLM”. Just accept and believe, that’s all you have to do.

    • That’s the point Brent. It’s all backwards. And this is NOT what we should be worrying about. It’s a good distraction to the real issues for this COUNTRY!!

      But you don’t live here. Come bring your family to the hood and stay a while. Take the kids out for a walk after dark. For the safety of your family you won’t last ONE DAY!!

      It’s ridiculous around here and WE ARE FED UP WITH IT!!!! ALL LIVES DO MATTER! QUIT MAKING IT A RACIST THING!!

      P.S. I am a white woman and I have lived in this town over 50 years. This is NOT the Cedar Rapids I grew up in!! I went to the Post Office and was told by a chic from Chicago they “spit on white trash like me back home.” What was the point in all that? She waited for me outside – for what? She acted a complete FOOL!! The mentality we are dealing with may work for Chicago but it has done nothing for Cedar Rapids but drag us down. While there are very nice people that have come from Chicago, they too are worried when they go out of their house. They came here to get away from it!! P.S.S. I also have mixed nieces and nephews. It is not about race to me. It’s about living safely and comfortably in a town that used to be “home”. Not the ghetto!!

    • All Lives Matter except the scumbag troublemaker Black Lives Matters terrorists who chant What do we want? Dead Cops Now! Their lives don’t matter at all!

  25. This is irresponsible journalism (if I can call it that). Wasn’t a “gang war” no one was from Black Lives Matter. Stop your trigger word antics and report the truth. Disrespectful, unsupervised teenagers bringing social media drama to a family event. Where are the parents?!? No parents, No admission!!

  26. This is extremely sad. The situation is horrible, and the comments of some of you pointing fingers AND those trying to defend. Shame on all of you. There IS a problem and it’s far bigger than Cedar Rapids, Chicago, or any other city. The problem lies within the attitude of entitlement.

    Nobody has to work for things anymore. They actually feel entitled to what they have, verse working their butts off. They are entitled to food, entitled for housing, entitled to healthcare, entitled to be the center of their world. This is a much larger problem that is NOT race related because all races are dealing with this stuff.

    Somewhere down the road America lost its way. America was built on hard work, hard efforts, and the more you worked the more you had. Today you can do nothing and still be entitled to so much. Teenagers these days feel they are entitled to what their parents have, they don’t have to work for anything. Some teens don’t have anything, and feel they can steal or demand things from someone else. It’s out of control people.

    Unfortunately for some, we get online and read and make it a racial issue. We try to make this an issue with people from Chicago. I can tell you that if I acted this way, my head would have been knocked around! No way should we allow our children to act this way. No way should we as parents allow our kids to run the streets. Heck if I was a teenager and I was around a situation like that, my parents would have disciplined me.

    The fact is, white, black, Latino, Asian, etc. is not the issue. It’s not about a skin color, a culture, or gangs. It’s about choices, about parenting, and about teaching your children they are not entitled to anything.

    Some days, I wish we would do away with all social programs. Teach people how things were when America was founded. There wasn’t any social programs outside of the church programs. There was not section 8 housing. It was hard work, hard effort, and communities coming together. That’s how America was founded.

    While a lot of good changes have happened since then, the entitlement attitude has snuck it’s ugly head in and is now dividing the youth from their parents, from their grand parents. It is a shame, and it IS a real problem.

    So let’s stop fighting about black teens, white teens, silver spoons, and everything else. It’s about choices, it’s about rearing your children, and working hard for what you have. Stop the hate, stop the violence and start spending the energy on fixing what you can. Focus on raising your children the right way.

  27. This is what happen the they take away our right to discipline our kids who get out of hand and parents can not do anything. This is how the NWO influence, why next DNA record keeping from everyone

  28. The police from anywhere do NOT DESERVE getting the crap kicked out of them. They go to work every day knowing there is a chance they might not come home to their families. They risk their lives every day to protect your dumbass. I don’t see you going out there, doing what they do! It’s people like you who need to learn some damn respect and see that the police are here to protect you from all the shit in this town! With attitudes like that, maybe you don’t need to be protected. Learn some damn respect ‘Julie’!!

  29. Quit your f-ing whining you crybaby scared ass pukes. This shit will only get worse till white people are proud to be white and blacks or proud to b black. Quit letting government start race tensions and fight there lieing manipulating asses. Wake up and shit will change

  30. Kids like adults do what they know.
    All those kids should have been taken into custody at the gates and their parents called to pick them up. Those parents should be required to attend parenting your teenager classes, discipline managment, a “get a job some kind of job requirement”, and > during the day so they can parent their kid.. The offending children need to go back to a curfew, the old fashioned street light rule, when that street lights on your butt needs to be in the house or the popo can keep you. The children should be required to take classes that teaches them more about “thug life” from their role models now in prison. The children, and they are children…. should be required to attend workshops on responsable contributing life, life class optiin attainability and sustainability. They should be helped, guided to self actualize their goals, and a life plan to do it. In the end the parents and kids should come together, have a family plan showing the plans goals for their family so this shit does not occur again!
    You got a problem? Fix it! Take responsability Cedar Rapids, and this goes for the Quad Cities, Waterloo, Marshalltown, & Des Moines.
    Because if you keep on doing what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

  31. Raised in the slums, of Chicago. Every day I would wake up to my dad drinking his coffee and preparing for work. I would look out the window and all I seen was other people doing the same thing, preparing or on there way to work. No, we wasn’t warfare recipients (no not gonna break up the family for food stamps), no we didn’t receive free or discounted housing (no not gonna break up the family for that either). Yes, there were gangs, but They made sure the respectable boys in blue (police) wasn’t in the neighborhood handing out free tickets to the penitentiary to little Ray ray who was a high school athlete with a chance for a scholarship out of the slums of Englewood. They would make sure the kids made it to school safely and no pedophile was lurking for his morning “come up”.

    The official we elected in to the different governmental position across this county decided more laws (control devices) needed to be in place. So little by little they added laws to what we can eat, what we watch, where we live, what we can own and what we can’t own, who can live in your house or your neighborhood for that matter. If some of them had there way it would be there choice even on what so called religion you choose. So now you we are starting to see the effects of these laws that were put into place. Now all of a sudden our country and neighborhoods no longer look the same. Our great democracy is now starting to look like a dictatorship (consistent hate and fear). The bigger picture can’t be ignored. We don’t have a Chicago problem, a teenager problem, or a black and white problem. We have a sleep walking problem. Until we as a society wake up and realize the only to defeat hate and fear is love and compassion.


  32. If people want to have these festivals to go and have fun in the summer you need to cut the crap!!! These people that organize these GREAT EVENTS–may just quit having them because of a select few people who do not know how to acted civilized and your age and not your IQ. Gangs maybe in CR but DO NOT BRING THEM TO A CHURCH ORGANIZED AND FAMILY ORIENTED EVENT—GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. It is all our responsibility to come together and do something about the problems in our communities. Stop sitting back and doing nothing. Get out there and serve the community you live in and be a positive influence in these kids life. Regardless if anyone likes it, they are all the kids of our future. It’s all our jobs to have an in pact in all kids lives. It’s takes a village!!

  34. My thought about this is this. How in the hell do we expect our kids to respect others when we as adults can’t respect each other. I have 3 boys who have numerous African-American friends and whom I love like one of my kids. I would have kicked their ass if any one of my kids displayed racism. My kids also have heard the phrase “respect your elders”. Come on people I know most of u have heard that from your grandma before. I am by no means the perfect parent. Made lots of bad choices and decisions. But one thing I have done right is taught my 3 teenage boys what in my opinion one of the most important things and that is respect of anyone of another color, religion, handicap, elderly, homeless, or the poor. And if they did not show it I would have kicked their ass until they did. And for anyone thinking I abuse my kids, a little belt on my bare ass never hurt me

  35. Violence is violence – period. It does not matter what color skin they have. If they are disruptive & rude & scaring or hurting people – especially when there are little kids around – then they should be severely punished. Facts are facts & yes, there is statically more blacks creating violence than any other race here in CR. You can’t deny that but trash comes in all colors. But somewhere, someone thought it would be a good idea to segregate the black race by saying that only black lives matter. Did they not think that ALL the other races out there would be offended by that? I know I was. If a group of white people got together and said only white lives matter I would be offended by that too – and I’m white! The problem is history – namely slavery. Even though this happened way before any of our times & we have no control over the past – people will still use this as an excuse as to why they feel they are treated differently. It’s not. If you are rude & act like an idiot then chances are you WILL be treated differently from someone who has manners & respect. It has nothing to do with race. But society has taught us that it’s acceptable to be disrespectful to someone who is your own race but you are a racist if you do the exact same thing to someone who’s a different race than you. It’s absurd. Personally, I have no time for ANYONE who has no manners or respect for others. I could care less how much melatonin is in your skin.

  36. We are moving to a shift from a patriarchal system to a matriarchal system. Aka people are tuning into the emotion more than ever before and it will increase. More irrational events will arise, people will get hurt, and people will die because they don’t see the emotion that us eating them up. The emotion that the media and society force feeds them.

  37. some of you people are really letting the media make it look like racist issues but it’s just a scapegoat for the real problem

    the social and financial barrier

  38. This is worst piece of journalism ever. No wonder there is no one willing to be credited on the byline. If these were gangs, which gangs? If some said black lives matter, in what context, were they talking to each other? Edit this and change the headline or delete it. Before it circulates, which is exactly what I’m about to do with it.

  39. I was a witness to the so called “assault” on the officer. How would u react to a grown man full on tries to tackle your child to the ground without even expalining why hes detaining the him? Leaving the event i actually heard a group of officers bragging about how they were “body checking” kids through the crowd and wrestling them to the ground. is this seriously the people we want trying to defuse a situatuin with a group of angry teenagers or anyone else for that matter. They proved to melast weekend most “peace makers” like violece and are justas childish as the children they were trying to arrest.

  40. I left CR in 1973 and ended up in “small town” Wisconsin. I have never regretted leaving what has now become a cesspool!!!

  41. Lakevcia Clark, yes it did. They were yelling out black lives matter. Its nothing more than a stunt by blacks trying to draw attention to themselves. The fact is, all lives matter. Scum like this do not matter. If you break the law, you are going to go to jail. If you try to beat up an officer, it is not the officers fault, but your own damn fault. These gangs need to get out of Iowa. If blacks don’t like America, than you are more than welcome to go to a different country. Just because an officer is apprehending someone because they are starting fights, does not give you or anyone else the right to jump the officer or cause riots like up in Milwaukee. Grow up, be an adult, stop doing this stupid immature stuff. People are too dependent on the government system instead of making something for themselves. Blacks are NOT oppressed in any way in this day and age. You think blacks are being targeted? Stop committing crimes and you won’t be targeted. You should be ashamed of replying with that type of idiocracy. I’m damn tired of these gang bangers starting fights, shooting guns, selling drugs, and destroying our area. This needs to stop! If you don’t want to be part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

  42. “Stuff the Gazette can’t say,” except the Defender also declines to inform readers that the rioting thugs were black, only using the euphemisms “gang members,” “youths from Chicago,” and people declaring that “Black Lives Matter,” the name of a group founded by white communists and made up largely of white communists.

    To be fair, we all understand that the Defender’s reliance on euphemism is not it’s own choice. It is just pulling together the indications of racial identity that are grudgingly admitted here and there by other sources that ARE trying to hide that the rioters were black.

    Still, wouldn’t it be better to be explicit about this being a black race riot and condemning the euphemisms that evidence this conclusion while trying at the same time to cover it up? In any case, thanks for pulling the euphemistic evidence together.

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