We’ve all watched the video. But few people sat through all of the proceedings and evidence presented. The bottom line is that regardless of the circumstances (and whether you are innocent or hiding something) if you comply 100% with the police when you get pulled over, the outcome will ALWAYS be better than if you are combative.

Are there bad cops?


If you comply with their requests/demands and something bad happens, then you have recourse. Do you think he would have been as combative if he didn’t have a bunch of cash and marijuana in his truck?

I have told all of my children, their friends and anyone else who wants to argue this point, if a police officer pulls you over, regardless of the circumstances, you need to do as you are instructed. If they ask you to do a backflip – attempt it.

That is not being weak or not knowing your rights as a citizen – it is respecting authority. This is a concept that seems to escape people these days. If the situation escalates, they have a split-second to determine whether it will be your life on the line or their’s. Don’t give them a reason to have to make that decision.