The Iowa State basketball program sure has tough fans. With temperatures dipping into the teens overnight this week, diehards began lining up Monday in order to get first dibs on prime seating. Students reached by the Defender outside of Hilton Coliseum said that not much was going on the first week of a new semester, so why not prioritize basketball tickets.

They say the line began forming immediately after the Texas game on Saturday.

The first come first serve student section was supposed to be reviewed this season after an overnight camper set his tent ablaze last year using a portable heater. One ISU student said the camping system is just fine and beneficial to the televised product we’ll see January 16th.

“Student tickets are general admission. If you want to be up front you have to camp. You want the craziest fans up front and those are the ones that are willing to camp out.”

Seen by many as dangerous, these born and bred Iowan’s see no problem with camping out for a week just to attend a basketball game. Their dirty little secret? The platoon system they use so one person isn’t sleeping on a sidewalk in Ames for a week straight.

“Here’s how it works. You have groups of people using one tent. These people rotate in and out, usually with two or so of them sitting in lawn chairs having beers. We are accustomed to spending time in the cold, so many of us have heavy winter cloths that you can’t even feel negative 10 wind chill. We’re used to ice fishing, deer hunting, etc…..

Did I mention the beer?

Yes, some dip shit burned his tent down last year, but we like to let nature sort itself out up here. If you aren’t prepared for the cold or don’t know proper procedure for staying warm, you probably won’t be in this line long,” said a Cyclone fan you’ll surely see front and center on ESPN next Monday.