The tragedy at Cedar Rapids Jefferson took a horrifying turn Monday afternoon as discovery of the victim’s ghoulish YouTube channel spread across social media. At the time of this writing the mentioned YouTube account remains active and provides startling insight into what the victim’s mentality may have been in the days and months leading to the horrible events last Friday.

Concerned parents have accused traditional media in Cedar Rapids, specifically KCRG News, of not reporting that Jefferson may have narrowly avoided a mass shooting event.

On Thursday a video was uploaded of the victim walking through the busy halls of Jefferson High School with school in session. It served as a stark contrast to previous content from the user.

The victim has several video game clips uploaded on the account that portray simulated school shootings and other acts of mass murder. Supportive viewers often complimented the minor on the realism of his virtual killing in the comment section.

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  1. My only comment is that…. He had a plan to kill others…..a teacher talked him out of it…… Police should have been called right then and there. This incident could have been prevented.

    • So what u are saying is a teacher stopped his plan to go on a shooting spree and then went on Bout their day. Why was the cop that is always that not called and the gun taken away from him. If this is true and other have saiid this also why wasn’t he disarmed and at the least detained or taken to office. It’s like the teacher knew what he wanted to do and slapped him on the wrist and said I’ll see u in class later. Trying to make sense of this cause of it is true it is really disturbing that the school dropped the ball!!!

  2. This happened before in the 60’s when I was going to Jefferson. Involved a bullied kid who shoot the football hero in the locker room. This bullying shit needs to stop but never will.

  3. Wake up Jefferson! ! I had heard that this person had been bullied as well. Whete were ur teachers & why weren’t they acting on this bulling act!? Having had a student at this school it was very frustrating how little responsability the school took on or acknowledged so this doesn’t surprise me. AND if he wasn’t bullied what happened to someone being aware of his videos? What about the parents? It’s sad because kids don’t realize that for every action there is a reaction!!

    • Robin, my grandson went to Jefferson and was also bullied. He was slammed into a wall which gave him a concussion, broke 4 teeth, had multi bruses and contusions. The school didn’t call his Mom, he was bleeding, my grandson called his mom. The school blamed the bullying on him, the tape showed a different story. The school was more worried about his absences and grades than his physical well being. JEFFERSON STAFF NEEDS TO STOP THE BULLYING NOW!! It is nice the Kids put post it notes on lockers today, BUT THE BULLYING WILL CONTINUE TOMORROW!!!!!!

      • I go to metro now I did go Jefferson , the reason going Jefferson cause too much bully n flights . metro teacher stop teaching and stop flights n they do something about bully . metro is good school . it not because all bad students go there .the teachers are caring , I am happy I’m at metro now .

    • For Anybody Who Has Replied About Knowing Someone Who Hot Bullied And The School Disnt So Anything , There Is An Anti-Bullying Protest Coming Up Soon . Message Me On Facebook For More Details .

      • My son went to Jefferson a few years ago nd was also bullied by a BIGGER boy that kid got 1day in school suspension nd my son got 3 days out of school suspension I personally think that school needs a NEW principles there nd better staff that don’t have THIER head’s in the clouds WE parents send our children to Jefferson to get an education NOT shot at or bullied come on staff do your jobs right make the kids wanna come to school without fear DAMN the last two mornings my freshman daughter has begged me to let her stay home she don’t feel safe at school

  4. This kid was a great kid and now because stupid little kids that think they are better than other he is now dead and his parents have to suffer!!!

      • You shouldn’t even be saying that you don’t know what he went threw. Of course it’s good that he didn’t kill anybody but at the same the fact you think it’s good he killed him self is wrong. He needed help, I mean of course he could’ve had help but at the same time people probably wouldn’t understand. Many things including his YouTube channel is wrong but he was a 15 year old kid. You shouldn’t be saying your glad he killed himself

      • You are a disgrace to humanity no respect how dear you no one knows the truth on what was happening so speak on what you know and not what people assume

      • My kids graduated from Jefferson just a couple of years ago, so this is scary. I was very popular in school if I saw bullying I stepped in and defended the victim. The students at Jefferson who have witnessed any bullying and did nothing are just as bad as the bully’s if not worse. They more than likely made him and other bullied victims feel like it was an unsafe environment. The teachers need to learn how to recognize and help those students who are bully’s and victims of bully’s. But don’t ever assume what someone is going through unless you were mature enough to be there for them and others when they are in need of a friendly ear, shoulder to cry on, or just to know that someone cares. Yes I do practice what I preach, I know I have helped many. There was a kid whom I didn’t know and I sat and talked to him for several hours, I did not realize he had a gun and was going to kill himself before I came along. He wrnt home gave his parents the gun and told them he needed help. The following morning his parents found me and thanked me. So you may not know the person being bullied or just depressed but sometimes you need to have a heart and help those in need, they don’t need people making their situation worse.

        • Thank you, Julie….we need more young people in the world today. I think Jefferson is way too lax on school rules, they need to stop the open campus, teachers need some training, teachers need to care about students and most importantly the school administration need to back/support their people & students (the one’s being bullied) & quit worrying about being sued. The school board needs to step up, too…..maybe there needs to be some fresh administration. Again, Thank You.

          • Fresh administration? The administrators talked him down from shooting up the school and saw him blow his brains out. The administrators deserve an award and free therapy so they don’t get PTSD. They do not deserve to be discredited because a psycho kid shot himself. They likely saved multiple lives.

  5. Everyone needs to realize he still shouldn’t be glorifying these mass shooting games. Yes he was bullied but I know for a fact if he would’ve told an administrator they would’ve atleast tried to bring the kid in and even if the teachers talk to the kids they can’t force them into being nice to each other. Kids need to stop bullying each other but this does not excuse him from making death a game to him and posting videos of innocent kids walking the halls with his visicious intentions. The teachers at Jeff care about students and their well being and for people to be saying they don’t care is ridiculous.

    • The teachers and faculty care so much at Jefferson one of teachers pulled my daughters hair out for having a hat to go out side…and guess what that teacher still works there. You have to get the adults to stop the bullying before you can teach the kids…

      • I agree that teachers are part of the problem. I’m sure there might be a few real good ones. But for the most part they all say there is no bullying problem at Jeff.
        Some teachers even bully the students.
        I hope some students will take a stand and stop the bullying. Because teachers have a proven record they will just turn a blind eye.

        • I agree. Some teachers and coaches at Jefferson are the worst bullies at that school. They aren’t going to stop children bullying if they aren’t going to stop the teachers. That’s why I moved my second child to a different school.

  6. Crazy to think a news outlet and people on Facebook would accuse someone of such terrible intent without having any evidence that the Youtube account in fact belonged to the deceased. Speculation is not cool and this is what starts rumors and and pushes people over the edge. I do agree that the videos in this Youtube account are of concern, however until police report that this account belonged to this poor boy, no one should be pointing fingers.

        • And regardless, this poor boy lost his life. He did not harm anyone else so why report this? Just to hurt his friends and family more? On top of that, did someone know this was his Youtube page? If so, why did they not alert athorities? Why did they not try to help?

          • It’s horribly sad for the family but do NOT be so nieve he could have killed many students and from the looks of it that was his original plan. May he rest in peace, don’t be ignorant though.

          • he was gonna shoot everyone in school. He wanted Jefferson to be a “virginia Tech mass shooting. He only shout his self because he got caught with a gun and was gonna get arrested

  7. If you feel the need to defend this sick kid then open your eyes. That kid had plenty of resources that he could’ve gone to. Absolutely no reason for him to shoot other children. Think about those other kids. How would that be, if he killed dozens others then himself? Would you like to defend the Columbine shooters while your at it? Think about it rationally. This kid was sick and he absolutely had the opportunity to get help. We should be happy the students and staff are safe. Open your eyes.

    • shame on you, there are alot of mentally unhealthy people who do not know hot to get help or how to ask for it. your ugly comment proves my point exactly. the stigma attached.

    • My only problem is you try to link video games with the violence. There is and never will be a correlation between violence and video games. If I have to I will link multiple studies from many sources to prove this.

      In Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association, the US Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that California could not ban the sale of violent video games to minors because studies “do not prove that violent video games cause minors to act aggressively.” [81]

      • This kid has been this way far before jefferson so jefferson is out of the picture i have a friend who went to school with him and tried to be friends with him but he didn’t want to, she was super nice to him. He had an issue of hating people and that’s part of the reason he was going to kill others

    • What resources isnt it obvious school’s do not address bullying anymore. Today’s teachers and students are worse than what it was lime in tge 90’s. The sad truth is schools will never change. Innocent kids get bullied and as you bee the teacher had knowledge but did nothing.

    • Yes thankfully the students and staff weren’t hurt, you are the one who should be ashamed. Do you know what his family life was like, when he was at school did the students or/and staff bully him. Did you or anyone else give him a friendly ear so he could talk to someone and get information on where he could go to get help. You don’t want others to judge you, so why would you judge someone you don’t know, people like you are the reason kids like him find it hard to confide in others and ask for help.

    • Did you know that the government has cut funding over and over for mental health services in the state of Iowa?? Iowa has one of the lowest amount of mental health resources in the nation!! Even if the kid was admitted to the hospital, which I highly doubt he would have been since there are no open beds in all Eastern Iowa, he would have been out in a few short days.

  8. As an educator (not at Jefferson), it is sometimes difficult to [blatantly] see the warning signs. I’ve been told he was a great kid from an affluent home. His father was a doctor, his mother, an educator (I’m told but don’t quote me). Unfortunately, depression is sometimes difficult to notice in kids. Some kids are quiet. What’s interesting, and I think it would make for a fantastic research study, is that most adolescents who intend to commit violence on themselves or others, often come from good, upper middle class families. I’ve worked in impoverished neighborhoods and you never hear of adolescents committing violence against others (a school shooting) or against him or herself (a sucicide). Why is that? Are those kids more worried about getting through the day? Are they worried about their next meal? I don’t know. It’s just sad. Please don’t rush to judgement. I know several kids who attend Jefferson and, like all schools, it has its cliques. But that’s a small version of the real world. Bully should not be condoned. But people will say things to others in the real world and you have to deal with it or handle it in a professional manner. I also know Jefferson has great teachers. The community as a whole is a great community. Please let the family and the community grieve, and let this boy rest in peace.

    • Thank you,he is my cousin.I went to Jeff and your post has been the most accurate as far as being loved by all his family and there are no answers why he came to his decision to end his life.We love him for what we know and not all the ugly speculations by others..let him rest in peace and please…everyone respect our family in this time of grieving,think about it if he were your own son who chose the wrong path,we have all made that mistake time or again no matter how big or small.He’s a great kid

      • I’m sorry for your family, too. However, if this were my child or family member I would donate his brain to science to see what made him wired wrong. Was there a tumor? Was it genetic? A learned behavior? Can ANY good come out of this tragedy even if it’s just answers for his family? Even if he didn’t WRITE the manifesto (calling bullshit we all know he did as the tenor, tone & verbiage matches all of the other sick twisted things he wrote, signed & posted) he reposted it and that’s frightening enough. The students at Jefferson are frightened still. The majority of the student body believes he wasn’t acting alone. CRCSD is sweeping this under the rug to save their asses. First a teacher has sex with a student, now guns at schools, what’s next? And where? Kennedy perhaps? Everyone’s talking about the great drugs the rich kids buy over on the NE side…especially by Xavier. And Linn Mar is known for so many other things than just great athletics – did you know the son of the head football coach (Chase Forsyth) is a racist, homophobic predator with MULTIPLE young women accusing him of sexual assault. What? No police reports? Could it be because Bob Forsyth has a winning record? He brings the money in doesn’t he? Does CRCSD and/or CRPD think we’re that blind and ignorant?

  9. The parents and students all need to be educated on the consequences of bullying. Every parent should think that if this child would have carried out his “apparent” mission, they may be mourning for their loss of the child right now. Parents need to teach their children about kindness to others and let them know to help someone or report bullying. THIS BEHAVIOR NEEDS TO STOP!!!!

  10. It’s hard to get help with bullying when the bullies are what I call professionals. They have mastered the lying and ass kissing so it’s the child that reacts that is disciplined.

    • Especially when it depends on name and statue of parents and if the kids are favored. It happens a lot in a lot of school. Bullying is still out there very sad sad that kids do that to other and it’s starting younger

  11. I was bullied by not only students but also teachers when I went there my freshmen, it was because I was pregnant. The administration did nothing about it so I transferred to metro and wasnt bullied anymore

  12. I’m a social worker. I’m not in CR or involved with Jefferson. The biggest problem I see is the lack of adequate mental health care or access to it in Iowa. Teachers have huge expectations put on them to notice everything around them and any changes in behaviors. They are trying to do that in larger classrooms and with students that have much more severe behaviors problems than when I was in High School in the 80’s. They might not have known this boy was bullied. If the other students knew it, did they tell someone in an attempt to get him help. If his parents knew about it, did they reach out to the school for help? There are so many what ifs and people that possibly could have started the help he needed.
    Even then, there can be long waits to get mental health care. There aren’t enough doctors specializing in mental health. Many teenagers just go to their general practitioners for care or they might see a nurse practitioner. We all need to be more aware that there is a mental health crisis in Iowa and we need to advocate for more services to help our youth.

    • I couldn’t agree more with Lisa. Mental health is a large concern that often goes unaddressed for a variety of reasons–stigma, finances, insurance coverage, wait-lists, not connecting with a therapist once you see one. Advocacy and courage to reach out are key! As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Vice President of a Cedar Rapids counseling agency, I always support my clients for taking the first step to make the call to ask for help and second, encourage them to keep looking for a new therapist if they don’t connect with the first they meet. And with respect to this situation, there is help and hope. Undoubtedly, there are many people grieving or struggling with emotions that this situation stirred up…so take a leap, ask for help and support if you need it.

  13. Guns are for war, NOT for retaliation. Where are the parents in this? At some point when do they need to take responsibility? And to stand up for himself, if bullying did occur? Do NOT blame the school–guidance at home is needed! Very sad……’

    • The school IS to blame. My granddaughter is being bullied now at Jeff. She has talked to counselors and teachers. Her mother has gone to the school herself. She tried for 2 weeks to talk to someone there and no one would return her calls. Jefferson is dropping the ball on bullying. I hope if anything comes out of this boy dieing, it’s that the school wakes up and starts doing something for these kids that are being bullied. 2 girls followed her to a class one day and stood in the doorway calling her names and saying they were going to beat her up. The teacher sat at his desk and said nothing. Maybe these bullies better start thinking about who they are bullying. Some kids are being push past the limit. Who knows what one of them will do someday.

  14. Such a tragic situation. A young life, plotting and planning to take many lives bc he was a scared, bullied child, at wits end. This could have been prevented had the signs been seen, before instead of realized after. and I PRAY,,,, I PRAY,,, that the bullying stops, bc it serves no purpose, except to inflect pain, emotionally and mentally. I was bullied. I WAS BULLIED, at this same high school, and can name those who bullied me. Even after 40 years, I see it as clearly as if it just had happened. Beaten up and bullied often, that was in the mid 70’s, fortunately I had so much positive influences in my non-school life that I didn’t go down hard and fast. But we are not all alike, and I pray for this young person’s soul and for his family.
    See him as you will,,,, I see him as a victim

    • Instead of praying why not try actually doing something. You have experience with this. Go to Jeff or any school and offer to help. You could recognize the early signs of bullying. You might see the kid who won’t speak for him or herself. The signs are not obvious to those who have never seen. Or stay in the safety of your home, and pray. That might change something. Sure no one has done that before with success cause kids are still dying, but you may be the first.

      • I can independently verify and swear under oath that myself and 4 other parents I know of personally have offered to do a candle light vigil for the students faculty and community. I’ve also offered to spearhead a local chapter of TWLOHA or PROJECT SEMICOLON. Not only did Mr. McDonnell abruptly tell each of us, in varying words, that “the district already has that handled” He also hung up on 2 parents. Great job there buddy….

  15. Such a tragic situation. A young life, plotting and planning to take many lives bc he was a scared, bullied child, at wits end. This could have been prevented had the signs been seen, before instead of realized after. and I PRAY,,,, I PRAY,,, that the bullying stops, bc it serves no purpose, except to inflect pain, emotionally and mentally. I was bullied. I WAS BULLIED, at this very same high school, and can name those who bullied me. Even after 40 years, I see it as clearly as if it just had happened. Beaten up and bullied often, that was in the mid 70’s, fortunately I had so much positive influences in my non-school life that I didn’t go down hard and fast. But we are not all alike, and I pray for this young person’s soul and for his family.
    See him as you will,,,, I see him as a victim

  16. People this is a tragic thing that happened to this young man and his family. please wait for the facts before running your mouth’s. He has a family please respect them this should not be something to gossip about.

  17. Tragey all around, lots of blame can go a lot of places, home, bullies, school, friends! The fact is, he is dead, wake up everyone, try to improve on all the areas- mental illness, bullying, school awareness, parents being more involved with their kids! Pointing fingers & the whole who’s to blame is pointless now! Best thing to do is learn from this tragedy & move forward!

  18. Not jump to conclusions, to respect the family.. Your on the wrong website, this is a tabloid site that thrives on doing just that. They attack kcrg in all their news sites about not telling you stuff because unlike this site kcrg waits for proof, and respect the wishes of the family.
    This tabloid news site is sickening.

  19. I don’t want to sound weird but I was the girl in the first 30-40 seconds walking in the hallway with my friend. I find it weird that he was filming and I don’t know if he was filming is or just filming randomly but I still find it creepy.

  20. It is so sad that this article is stating that this was the boy who took his life, when it has NOT been confirmed by CRPD!! This family is suffering a unimaginable loss and to report this as true is horrible and is perpetuating rumors while a family is trying to bury their son!

  21. If this is not the boy from Jefferson, then there is another youth who enjoys videos of school shootings in the CR area. If you do a little research his YouTube account links to his Google+ and Steam accounts which list his hometown as Cedar Rapids, IA. I feel horrible for his parents, but somehow there was a 15 yr old boy who seemed fascinated by making videos of school shootings & role playing games of violence and it either went unnoticed or no one notified anyone to check into it. These videos were from a few months ago up to a couple days ago. Well before he even started school. Where did he get the gun, & the crossbow that he has a video of himself target practicing. I am not going to speculate that he was going to open fire at Jefferson, he is the only one that knows that for sure, but I am saddened by his YouTube videos and no one intervened and saw there was a problem

  22. Most of these comments are from adult bullies
    Let the family and friends grieve. let
    The school and police do the needed research
    Making assumptions and accusations and throwing slander make us no better than bullies
    Stop being internet tough guys and do some good
    If your a concerned parent volunteer. Call the school see how you can be assistance

    • Reading these nasty comments just makes my heart heavy and my stomach sick! People – a life was lost tragically, a LIFE. Quit wondering what could have happened and start thinking of how do we fix this how do we prevent this from happening to another son/daughter? We wonder why we have such a bully problem in our schools? It starts with the adults, instead of blaming the school take a look at yourself and how you have handled this situation? Are you encouraging the bullying with conversing about what could have happened? What have you done today to prevent bullying or more realistically what have you done today to promote bullying by the sound of some of these comments. Come on people NOBODY really knows what this child was going through! What we need to be concentrating on is that this was someone’s child, grandchild, brother, friend – this was a life! So lets quit spending time and energy speculating what the child was thinking and what could have happened and instead pray for the parents and family that have to do the heartbreaking task of burying their child and are left with many unanswered questions. Do not judge as you have not walked a day in the shoes of this child. Please be kind with your words and pray for this family.

    • Amen! And parents wonder where their kids get it! Maybe it’s time for everyone to self reflect to ensure we’re not sending the wrong message to kids. This family is mourning the loss of a loved one and people are not respecting that. What is this country coming to?

  23. Let this family greive! Don’t pass jusgement based on rumor or speculation. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Imagine if this were your child! This has not been confirmed by CRPD or any other authority. Let it rest!!!!!!!!!

  24. I think it’s so sad and I feel horrible for his family, I was bullied as a kid and my dad walked in me getting ready to kill myself and was able to talk me out of it and stop me, and my parents explained to me that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem no matter how horrible it seems but I know how hard it can get

  25. This link pisses me off. Iowa gets to be in national news to distort your views on gun safety/laws?! What in the actual fuck?! Texas college students can carry at school now ( which has protestors ) but in the past there have been university shootings…This kid only shot himself so why was a mass shooting even brought up? The kid clearly was upset and sadly gave up. So now is the time for kids to make up bullshit? Now is the time for other parents to say things like, ” he clearly wanted to kill other students”. How in the fuck did you come to that conclusion?! Aside from his YouTube account ( which should be considered completely coincidental because, the only life he took was his own…the end) have you physically seen any evidence that he planned to kill others?? Physical or virtual?? I highly doubt any of the parents or students have! How can anyone take such a tragic thing ( A FUCKING KID KILLING HIMSELF, someone’s child! ) and turn it into something that DIDN’T FUCKING HAPPEN?!

    All of the comments in this article that don’t say something along the lines of “this is so tragic, I’m sorry for your loss” are morally disgusting!! Someone just lost their friend, someone lost their son, nephew or cousin.

    Plain and fucking simple. Anyone who views this as anything besides a tragic suicide of a young kid, who may I remind you…didn’t take anyone else’s life, only his own…look in the damn mirror and think of your own child taking their life, even your future child. Sit on that thought for a minute you sickening human being.

    • As a parent, I am WAY more concerned about my own offspring’s safety before concerning myself about another’s suicide. That may be harsh, but deep down, that’s how most parents feel. I am “mother bear.” So if there is a student who films himself walking the halls of a high school in a similar way to his “Postal 2 Paradise High School Massacre” first player shooter game video, I would take note. Granted, I would not have seen his profile/videos unless this occurred, but those that are his subscribers/friends would have. In his subscriptions, one includes “Columbine Video Archives.”

      That leaves the rest of the emotion left to go out to those family members/friends left behind. And a sigh of relief that September 9th was not a day marked in National News as a mass shooting.

  26. Honestly all of these murders, suicides, and crime in general gets worse and worse because the media glorifies it. If they didn’t put it all over TV, papers, and internet, than they would see that they wouldn’t get their 15 minutes of fame that they don’t deserve. Give the 15 minutes of fame to those who do good.

  27. My daughter just started this year at Taft, and will be going to Jeff in 3 years. Through several serious talks she know that bullying is not and will not be tolerated. In that same breathe, she knows to let myself or her mother know if anything happens. If it does happen to my daughter I will bring every news station, private investigator and the rath of God down upon Jefferson High School. I was bullied as a kid, back then it was always ignored and you had to just “stand up for yourself.” I started too and then continuously got in trouble for fighting. It was a different time then, and it’s a different time now. If administrators at a school fail to stand up against bullying, eventually a kid is going to strike back, some more harsh than others. It’s like a animal in a cage. If you keep poking at it, eventually it’s going to get out and strike back.

  28. I have 3 children currently attending Jefferson, I work nearby and ran down to the school Friday when I witnessed countless police, state troopers and EMT vehicles speeding with lights and sirens to the school. The first 2 I dismissed thinking it was just a fight, but when I couldn’t reach any children by text or call, then I saw channel 2 news I immediately ran down the hill knowing it was more than a fight. My stomach was sick and tears ran down my face as yellow caution tape surrounding the fine arts dept.and lines of police. There were 2 busses that I imagined were there to transport students. The first officer I approached told me to go to the office (they were in lockdown) then I saw Mr Darrow directing traffic and said please tell me the kids are ok. He couldn’t tell me anything but led me to believe it was a suicide. My heart was so empty. I was shocked and worried. He assured me the students were in a lockdown and the fact nobody responded to my calls or texts they were doing exactly what they have been taught. I feel so sad for the family of this boy. His father is my family’s doctor (I didn’t know this at the time). They are good people. I was unaware of you tube and all of the sick videos until my child showed me Sunday night. I sat for 2 hours reading comments, watching his posts. I went to the police at midnight to make them aware because I thought if this was an attempt maybe more were involved. They told me one set of parents came with the information prior to me. I felt they didn’t seem too concerned, although they took my information. It’s upsetting, I’m terrified for my children, any of our children at ANY school. Although I have sympathy for the family, we could possibly be grieving more than one child’s death.

    • Thank you for speaking up. I’m writing everything I can think of about this tragic event…even picked out the name of the story from my optics. It will be called “35 Feet” because that’s the distance he would’ve had to moved to be off school property when he killed himself. 35 Feet…think about it. 35 Feet in any direction and none of us would have ever even heard of this young man let alone the cult following he now has after what he did. We never would have heard of the sick twisted fantasies that this troubled young man had. We never would’ve gotten wind that he has friends near and far. We’ve got a serious problem with mental health issues, suicide prevention etal. As exhausting, frightening and confusing the last 6 days have been it’s worth it if we can help another child or adult in distress, and bring healing to our community.

    • Can you please tell me the boys Name? Also his dad’s name, I think he might be my doctor too and would like to support them. Thank you.

  29. Why blame the school? So he was bullied? You automatically blame the school? I am not saying anybody is in the right here but it is in no way the schools fault for the student to have shot himself. The student could have talked to somebody but did he? No! I used to go to Jefferson my freshman or sophomore year and when I was bullied there was always something done about it!!! I may be going back to Jefferson! There is no way in hell it is the schools fault that the kid shot himself. As well as the parents, they should have payed more attentions to the games their child was playing or the videos he was posting so thats on them. The student is just as much at fault because if he wanted help he could have seeked it instead of causing the whole school and his family pain. That’s all I have to say!

    • It is the school the teachers I was bullied by a teacher I told everyone in charge an they didn’t do shit about it an that teacher is still there so ya try saying it ain’t the school again there’s others that have been bullied at Jefferson an told an no one helped Jefferson is one of the top bulling school there is from teachers to kids

  30. I have not heard hardly anything good about this school or staff, maybe they should all have yo be put on some type of work paid suspension and be evaluated themselves and retraining done. Someone sure doesn’t know what the right hand is doing from the left, or what the standards should be. This should not have happened to this boy or anyone and if there are teachers doing the bullying, they need psychological training or help themselves. I’ts a sad, sad world that we live in today and unless we work together and stop working against each other it is not going to change.

  31. I agree the schools need to do more about bullying. We all need to understand none of us warlk in his shoes!! We know not what was really going on. Remember he was fifteen and with all the carp kids watch they are not only seeing it they are told this the way to fix a problem.I say what he did WAS Wrong on so many level. Just Remember people who commit suicide are in a whole lot of pain. Let’s not forget he was a fifteen year old boy, he was suppose to start acting like a man. So instead of throwing rock at dead child I think it would be better to find how to stop it so it NEVER happens again!!! Show the parents they deserve. Remember it could have been your child and don’t “oh no my child would not do that” well your not in his head or with them 24 hours a day. So we all need to find ways to fix it.

  32. I could be this parent. I live in fear of not knowing what my adult son will do when he gets angry. I got him the best treatment starting at 5 years old. As an adult he chooses not to take medication. This type of child is very difficult to raise. I feel horrible for the parents and extended family. Jefferson needs to get their AEA involved with the problem children. Teachers can not teach and discipline these students effectively alone. Teachers advocate for Help! Parents advocate for HELP! Tax payers advocate for HELP!

  33. Jefferson was a great school, and still is. Some of the teachers are a little more strict than others, but none are “bullies”. Bullying goes undetected by teachers, typically because of lack to report it. I had to deal with a case of being bullied, and they removed me from classes with the other kid, made sure our paths didn’t cross, and changed my lunch. They are more than accommodating to making you feel safe there. The counselors there are the most kind hearted individuals who always reach out when they hear life is hard for someone. It’s hard to take any of you seriously when you don’t know what the school is like because you DID NOT go there, nor have you been in highschool for many, many years. It’s different now, and not always in a bad way. Also, please, for the love of God, if you’re going to write a text post learn to write one with correct grammar and spelling.

  34. This child was bullied severely at 2 different schools. No one knows what his plans really were. This is all speculation!!! What we should be talking about is why this child couldn’t get the help he needed from his educators. Or from a mental health clinic.
    We need more places for these kids to turn to. A hotline to call or maybe quit cutting all our Mental Health Resources!!

  35. I wrote a similar article about this subject and would love to hear what everyone thinks now that the youtube account that may belong to the shooter has made its rounds.
    The parents and school need to take responsibility, they are very lucky this didn’t turn out to be worse.
    The other students parents need to be informed by the school about possible shootings.

    • Seems so many are afraid of CRCSD. I am the parent that contacted police over the weekend after seeing some of the scariest shit I’ve ever seen in my life on the deceased students ‘alleged’ pages on the dark web. If what I saw was even remotely LINKED to this kid – I don’t give a shit of he wrote it or not – a mass casualty event was averted in my opinion. I am considering requesting an emergency school board meeting prior to the next scheduled one on the 26th. Anyone agree? CRCSD ‘allegedly’ dispatched CRPD to discuss my social media posts that are calling bullshit on the district. Hmmm. Yeah….maybe we haven’t met but I WILL NOT STAY QUIET UNTIL OUR CHILDREN ARE AS SAFE AS POSSIBLE. Whoever runs this page call me or email me. You’ll be interested in what I have as proof

  36. When a kid thinks he has to resort to’s because this kid was bullied. The kids responsible for pushing him over the edge are to blame and should be held directly responsible. Jefferson had better do the necessary work to find out who the real perpetrators are…because otherwise this will inevitably happen again. Kids are mean brats and treat kids that are deemed “different” horribly.

  37. I know this family, personally.
    It is a very respectable family.
    They are devastated, searching for answers.
    He was a good kid. He did no harm to anybody else at Jefferson.
    Please let them grieve in peace.

  38. I have children that were bullied in schools(not CRCS) and outside of school. I went to the parents of the kids that were bullying my kids (not just by words but physically as well). The parents showed no concern of what their child was doing to another human being. Not one parent made their child apologize to mine. It was always the same thing “what did your child do to mine”? Really if my child did something to yours why didn’t you as a parent bring it to my attention so I could take care of the wrong doing of my child.? My kids are not perfect but you best believe if I heard of my child bullying another kid there would be some harsh consequences. I find that everyone is so quick to blame the school or someone else but not one person wants to take responsibility for their child’s actions.. Wake up parents WE RAISED THESE KIDS.. Look what WE have done.. WE ARE FAILING OUR CHILDREN.

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