I am an EDUCATED white man and can spot a struggling site a mile away so I am unsubscribing.

For the record The Cedar Rapids Defender is not sold in print form and has no subscription service.

Threatening to cancel a subscription that doesn’t exist is quite humorous to our newsroom. We encourage readers unhappy with our website to simply quit visiting it.

It’d be one thing if our delivery boy was consistently late…but come on.

No refunds will be offered to unpaying customers threatening to cancel their subscription. As painful as it will be to lose digital self-worth in the form of ‘Likes’ we will survive ego intact.

Now, allow us to step aside and give Mr. Bradley Roberts the floor, for an epic rant in which he shreds the Defender’s credibility, saying we’re ‘a bunch of douche bags’ that ‘suck’ and are clearly ‘dying on the vine.’

Looks like The Cedar Rapids Defender is reading their own press……news flash….you guys are a bunch of douche bags. Nice job using the “Uneducated White Men…..” tag as an excuse for people unsubscribing to your site. Have you considered that it might be because your site sucks and you were dying on the vine and perhaps that is why people are unsubscribing?????Now you are going to try to create some controversy by saying the Grand Jury, police, attorneys, etc… are all wrong and need to explain themselves.

Mr. Roberts rant devolves from here into a well thought out point regarding respect of authority. We’ve run it as an opinion piece and thank Bradley for reading and contributing to the growth of The Cedar Rapids Defender.