Linn Mar parents are being kept in the dark about an ongoing Marion police investigation into two former employees.

Little is known about the investigation other than it is happening. Police and the school board have been hush on the details since concerned parents began spreading rumors on social media Wednesday.

This is what we know as fact:

Two incidents involving former Linn Mar employees have been reported to the Marion Police and are currently under investigation.

The Linn Mar School District is taking a page out of Brad Buck’s playbook, abiding by a strict code of silence. Parents say they would appreciate hearing from leadership.

A simple yes or no would do.

Dr. Shepherd:

Are two recently departed Linn Mar employees under investigation for sex crimes?


  1. This article is nonsense. What is your source? Who did you contact to verify the fact that you’re citing? Did you even attempt to contact dr. Shepherd to pose the question you posed in your article? Who watches the Watch Dogs?