Considering Ottumwa has a considerable Hispanic population this was probably not the best way to respond publicly to criticism from a bilingual American citizen named Anthony Garcia.


Those nasty internet folk have pounced on whoever had admin privilege to that business page, destroying Superior Automotive’s online reputation in the process.

Here are some of the best of what amounts to 91 bad reviews left since their unfortunate response:

These guys seem to have no people skills unless you are the same race. It’s the 21st century. It’s not the 1900’s anymore and racism is NOT cool anymore. So why don’t you guys become a little more sociable, or just close your doors. Because in a world where equality is trying to rise up. You are simply not welcome.

There is no excuse for your racism, xenophobia, and willful ignorance! Hopefully this incident opens your eyes. I will continue to support local business that do not alienate paying customers because of their skin tone.

So the person you said doesn’t speak English was typing in perfect English to you guys and you say he’s not legal..

My family is Mexican and they were born here and speak English. Racism is a thing of the past get your shit together or get out. NO BUSINESS FROM ME EVER