OK, that was it. The final straw. My discomfort on this topic has been brewing for quite some time but due to sheer laziness not to mention a partial dependency on my part time marijuana addiction, the two of which I assure you are only somewhat related, I avoided writing on it.

Sure, it got my ire up from time to time when I’d hear election coverage or financial coverage or corn futures coverage, OK you got me, I admit that last one is a bit of a stretch for even the most sinister reporter of the Chicago Board of Trade to get wrong, but I stand stridently by the first two.

With just a modicum of research the narratives of the mainstream press in Cedar Rapids can be blown to smithereens, in fact the same press that pumps their narratives many times also provides the same facts that aid in the pursuit that is counter to the lies they attempt to propagate, no “alt-right” or “alt-media” poking required, if you have a much too weak stomach for that.

But excuse me, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

I just checked my news feed and spotted this gem “Brian Williams Slams Fake News”

Yes, Brian “I was in a chinook that was hit by an RPG in Iraq when it turns out I really wasn’t and lost my primetime gig as NBC Nightly News anchorman and am now relegated to second tier MSNBC” Williams, that guy, is now following orders from his corporate overlords and spouting off on “fake news” and its evils because, why be left out on all the fun that the mainstream is having at the moment attacking websites like the Defender.

You can find the clip easily enough and watch for yourself as I don’t want to get too bogged down in what this journalistic hack has to say.

He’s just a shameless tool of the monied interests that continue to push their false narratives on the American people.

There was a moment around 1:30am on November 9th when I gleefully thought to myself, “Now, the media that has gotten it wrong for decades will have to look in the mirror and admit they don’t know what they’re talking about, they will realize they are not in charge, they do not control the populace and in fact, the fourth estate has failed on a level never before seen.”

This was the idealistic me. The part of me that still believed in a shred of dignity left in corrupt millionaire reporter’s hearts to face the truth.

What I got instead was the startup of the spin machine once again.

Yes, the people who, less than 24 hours earlier kicked off the election night by releasing stastics that Hillary had a “more than 99% chance of winning”, who had just been proven as being a great swath of incompetents and know nothings, found the hubris in their soul-less shells to go out and attempt to control the narrative once again.

“It was Jill Stein’s fault!” – Ignoring the fact that Jill Stein had an overall abysmal showing and had strongest support in states that were solidly Clinton.

“OK, then it was…wait for it, Gary Johnson supporters!” – Ignoring the fact that supporters of Gary Johnson would not have voted for the neo-liberal witch their owners were infatuated with.

I could go around Googling more examples but I’m not going to put you through that ridiculous time again.

We all get the point.

Simply put, truth does not matter to mainstream media and if you follow that statement to its logical conclusion, mainstream media is not a source of truth, it’s barely a source of facts in most cases, so what is it?

Media companies do not exist to serve the people, other than their shareholders. The Cedar Rapids Defender is not a media company…we just play one on the internet. Therefore, we’re unburdened by greed, politics, corporate and governmental interest or advertisers. Go ahead and question our autonomy, but do so at your own risk. Clerkism practiced by Gazette Communications and KCRG TV 9 is your alternative.

If our content is not up to your standards, we encourage you to frequent our competitors who operate and compete not on who is most truthful, but on advertising revenue.

Big papers used to rely on subscribers picking up the tab for their operating costs with a much smaller portion from advertisers, but with the advent of the internet age and a population adverse to paying for content this is what results. It is a system we as a people participated in creating and if we the people do not hold our corporate overlords accountable for their lies, by canceling your cable TV subscriptions, boycotting products they receive advertising revenue from and where applicable tearing up their corporate charters and conversely, supporting fair and honest reporting via microdonations and subscriptions to the independent sources of information you have grown to trust, the truth will continue to be suppressed through the propaganda of corporations who just want you to shove your orifices with GMO-laden Frankenfood and opiate chasers while numbing your eyeballs and brain with more tits and violence so you don’t bother waking up to the ugly path they have led you down.

Luckily the enemy we face is a bungling group of incompetents who embarrassingly displayed their delicate feebleness for all the world to see on election night. They only have as much power as we allot them and if there’s one thing that is certain it’s that we the people, can win.

Dr. Excelsior is a Hiawatha native and graduate of Iowa State University currently residing in New York where he practices alternative medicine.