Readers of The Cedar Rapids Defender who perceived our publication as Alt-Right Iowa have been severely disappointed today by our skeptical response to the handling of a recent police shooting of a black man in Cedar Rapids.

Good luck with the Gazette.

We’ve lost many locals, who gauging by their comment history, posses little advanced English skill and potentially voted for our favorite 21st century fascist. We’re in a comfortable position as a free publication to dismiss difficult customers as ‘not worth it’ something we always wished to accomplish as a company.

“The best thing about Cedar Rapids,” said our publisher recently “is that they don’t even realize it when you’re mocking them, by legitimizing their beliefs.”

We will continue to ask questions the working class in Cedar Rapids want answered. Inconsitencies forwarded by our local government will continue to be questioned. Consistent violence from a local police officer and predictable exoneration will be challenged. This is our duty as an independent watchdog.

Our sources used to explore the Mitchell case are qualified, citable and respected experts in their field.

It’s unlikely the Gazette can source an Air Force vet with 18 years of dog handling experience. We can, because we’re real people. We rebuke any questioning of our reporting on Lucas Jones and his K9 handling experience in comparison to our source.

The Jerime Mitchell case represents an outrageous violation of due process in the United States. Regardless of guilt, the opaque communication between Jerry Vander Sanden and mass media in this town served to arouse deep suspicion in the minority community.

This was before audio turned up missing after 34 days under complete suppression.

While not necessary to prove Mitchell was wrong, crucial pieces of the interaction could have solidified their narrative. The missing pieces, or the gap, will be questioned by this organization until all questions are answered.


  1. Ed you must not be much of a journalist because you used the word irregardless. Who is uneducated? In addition you sound as though your feelings are hurt. Boo hoo snowflake.

  2. I’m personally not interested in any news source that has a left or right bias. We have the Gazette and local news stations for slanted glop, what’s your publications intent ? Slanting or objectively reporting?