Months after we thought our coverage of the sex scandal at Washington High School was over, it is again at the front of the news. On Saturday the Gazette ran a full spread of Dr. Ralph Plagman accepting a standing ovation during his induction to the Athletic Hall of Fame in Washington’s gymnasium. While we’re sure Plagman had a positive impact on thousands of students, we’re also sure Plagman actively worked to conceal sex crimes happening under his watch at Washington.

We’ve called Plagman Cedar Rapids own Joe Paterno which has been vetted by the Cedar Rapids School District and the minority of Washington parents thinking with their brains, instead of their passions.

Plagman was warned numerous times that a substitute teacher at his school was engaged in sexual relations with several students, not just the juvenile who bragged about it on social media. Washington parents speaking under the condition of anonymity (we know our readers love that) have told the Cedar Rapids Defender that multiple Washington students were involved sexually with Haglin, but none would cooperate with police.

Faced with a second round of accusations against his employee, Plagman felt the situation was best swept under the rug and pushed on to another school. He responded cheerfully when Mary Beth herself asked that he pen a recommendation for employment at another school within the district. Plagman wrote the recommendation letter while he suspected Haglin was a sex offender and she carried on in close contact with our children in the public school system.

Plagman instructed staff, including Haglin, to lie regarding the reason for her dismissal from Washington.

“Just say you’re leaving for personal reasons involving a friend.”

After learning Mary Beth Haglin remained in the substitute database, armed with a letter of recommendation from Dr. Ralph Plagman an administrator from Harrison exclaimed:


Plagman’s recommendation letter and subsequent lie regarding the true reason for Haglin’s departure, allowed a sex offender to continue teaching in the district

It’s all in the emails. They’re public record. Look it up.

Despite a mountain of evidence, Plagman is now being honored at halftime of sporting events. Concealing child sex crimes something easily forgiven by apologists from Cedar Rapids Washington.

When confronted with evidence he’d concealed child sex crimes, Plagman quit. Those are the facts. Straight from the mouth of the Superintendent.

The Gazette continues to glorify this man with nary a word of objection.